Your $500 To $2,500 Lifetime Membership In Our Int'l  Supplementary
        Early Retirement Payment Club Will Start Paying You, Beginning
         On The 15th. Day Of Your 2nd. Membership Month,
  $15 To $75 Monthly, Even If You're Too Young To Retire!
              Thereafter, You Will Receive Yearly Increases Over 5 Years
            For A Grand Final Of
    $100 To $500 Monthly For Life!

--- Even If You're Still Too Young To Retire!

                              Did you know that Social Security Administration has stated
  recently that in a few years from today they will not have enough
  funds to continue issuing most of the future retirees their regular
   monthly retirement payments?

     Can you imagine the future financial disasters this will create
  for you and your children who will depend completely on these
   vital future retirement checks to survive?

    After working so hard most of your lives and dreaming of a
   future of living out the final years without the fears of finding new
   ways to provide your basic daily needs such as three meals a day
   and of course paying all your bills, suddenly the Social Security
   Administration is telling us that this is actually Never Ever Going
                        To Happen?

                               It's time that most people began to realize that most of these
   so-called "democratic and freedom-loving" governments of the
   "Western Civilization" are merely a big sham and that their ulti-
   mate goal is to subjugate the rest of the world's population into
   "One World Order" which will be ultimately placed unto Satan

     Don't believe me?  Then read Revelations: 17:12 - 13.

    The current financial and job situation seem to be getting
   worse as time goes by and that is why you should really hurry
   and enroll Right Now in our innovative lifetime membership club
   where you can immediately lock-in to this great opportunity by
   starting with as little as only $500 to $2,500 lifetime enrollment
   fee, you will start receiving these extra monthly incomes of $15 to
   $75 monthly, followed by yearly increases over 5 years for a
    Grand Final Of $100/$500 Monthly For The Rest Of Your Life!

                              You not only owe yourself this Great Opportunity for creating
   an extra monthly income for the rest of your life, but it would also
   be definitely kind of you to also enroll your wife or husband, your
   children and even your grandchildren as well to assure yourself
   and your loved ones of an extra monthly income for all of your
   loved ones' lives!

      Even if your children or your grandchildren are still minors
   you can enroll them by stating that you are their legal guardians
   until they do arrive at their legal ages at which time you can then
   transfer the lifetime certificates into their own names when they
   reach their legal ages.

     For years to come, whenever you look back on the day that
   you enrolled yourself and some of your loved ones, you will rest
   assured in your heart that you did the right and logical thing to
    guarantee that in the future years you will be able to say, "I did
    the right thing, not only for myself but also for my loved ones as

                                           Following Are Prices Per Membership Group And The
     Lifetime Monthly Payments That Each Group Will Be Receiving:

                                           Groups:  2nd. Mo.   2nd. Yr:                                 5th. Yr:                                         
                                            $500    – $15 Mo. – $15  + $17.00 = $32.00 Mo.– $83.00   + $17.00 = $100 Monthly!
      $600    – $18   "   – $18  + $20.40 = $38.40   "  – $96.60   + $20.40 = $120      "
     $700    – $21   "   – $21  + $23.80 = $44.80   "  – $116.20 + $23.80 = $140      "
   $800    – $24   "   – $24  + $27.20 = $51.20   "  – $132.80 + $27.20 = $160      "
    $900    – $27   "   – $27  + $30.60 = $57.60   "  – $149.40 + $30.60 = $180      "
    $1,000 – $30   "   – $30  + $34.00 = $64.00   "  – $166.00 + $34.00 = $200      "          
    $1,500 – $45   "   – $45  + $51.00 = $96.00   "  – $149.00 + $51.00 = $300      "
     $2,000 – $60   "   – $60  + $68.00 = $128.00 "  – $332.00 + $68.00 = $400      "  
     $2,500 – $75   "   – $75  + $75.00 = $150.00 "  – $425.00 + $75.00 = $500      "  

                                 Memberships are limited to 100 members.  

     Membership Dues: $1.00 Yearly! (Payable at the end of each
    membership year).

                                     Important Notices:
                               a)  Upon receipt of payment, your membership certificate will be
 mailed to you the following day.

                               b) Your membership is a transferable asset that can easily be
 to anyone else simply by returning your membership certificate to us,
                                    along with a notarized letter,
indicating the name and the mailing
                                    address you wish to
have the membership transfered to.
                              Memberships can also be bequeated in a last will and testament.

                              c)  We
will ship your certificate and monthly checks internationally
 wherever allowed by U.S. laws.

                              d)  Yearly membershi[ dues are: $1 yearly.  (Yearly dues are
payable at
                                    the end of  every membership year).

                           Money-Back Guaranteed After 2 Months!
                                 If  you are not Completely Satisfied after 2  months for any
whatsoever, we will promptly return your full enrollment
fee ------ no questions asked.

                         We accept U.S. postal money orders, ban's money orders or
certified checks and American Express Money Orders Only.
                 (Sorry -- Absolutely No Western Union).

                       Send your orders with full payments to the following name
and address:

               B. Pierre / 50-28  31st. Avenue / Dept. 4D / Woodside, N.Y. 11377

            Note: Absolutely No Foot Traffic Allowed!  To request an appointment,
                      send email to:

           Within just 1  1/2 year after joining, you could start making plans  for
     yearly vacations to Great Exotic Places Such As The Following:


            Join Right Now and on the 15th. day of your 2nd. membership month you
 will start receiving your $15 to $75 monthly, with yearly increases over 5 years
     for a Grand Final Of $100 To $500 Monthly For Life!

            (You'll sleep much better at nights when you do.)

    We accept payments with U.S. postal money orders, bank's money orders
   or bank's certified checks and American Express money orders only.
   (Sorry, ---Absolutely No Western Unions.)

  Mail orders with payments to:      B. Pierre
                                                              50-28  31st. Avenue
                                                              Dept. 4D
                                                              Woodside, New York 11377

"Love thy neighbor as thyself"
                  "Whatsoever you do unto the least of My brethren, you do unto Me".
                                                                                                                    --- Jesus Christ   

                 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
                    In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will set your path straight."
                                                                                                                      --- King Solomon

                 "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away."
                                                                                                                               --- God   
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