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                                                                                                                           Did you know that  the Social
                                                                                       Security Administration has
                             stated that within  just a few years from today they will run out of funds
                             to still continue paying most retiree's their retirement checks?      

                                       Do you also know that more than half the children in this country
                             are either living in poverty or are homeless and that the situation is not
                             improving but simply getting worse as the years go by?

                               It's time to wake up, people, and stop being fooled by the ficticious
      pictures that the politicians and rotten Fat Cats Of Wall are always
                            painting which is simply atrocious!

                                     It's time you wake up and do something for your own benefit to
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                           years for a Grand Final
$250 To $500 Monthly For The Rest Of Your

               We Will Even Accept 10 Monthly Installment Payments
       For  Your Lifetime Membership!!!                         
             Yes, we'll accept 10 monthly installment payments for your lifetime membership
     and you'll start receiving your monthly payments beginning on the 15th. day of your
     2nd. month while you continue making the rest of your monthly installment
Example:  For a $5,000 lifetime membership, we will accept 10 monthly
                                installment payments of $500 and ton the 15th. day of your second
                                membership month you will start receiving your $60 while you
                                continue making you $500 monthly installment payments.

              Following Are The Projected Investments That We Will Be
                 Completely Involved With Over The Years To Produce
                   The Kinds Of Monthly Incomes That Will Be Paid
       To Our Lifetime Members For Life!      
           1)   To purchase foreclosed 2/3-bed condos in Orlando, Florida near Disney World at
                 $50,000 with market rates of $75,000 to $80,000 and then renting all for monthly
                 incomes which per Orlando's market rental rate would be $1,500 to $1,700 monthly
                 per condo.

           2)  These condos will be refinanced after 2 years and proceeds will be used to buy more
                 foreclosed condos for rental purposes.

           3)  Later, we will be investing also in a few condos and small apartment buildings in
                Panama and very large undeveloped lands with spectacular ocean views on the Pacific
                and the Atlantic coasts of my beloved Panama.

            This is your greatest opportunity to secure extra monthly cash incomes that will increase
     yearly for the For The Rest Of Your Life!

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    Following Are The Schedule Of Monthly Payments:   
               Each         Beginning    Beginning                           Beginning
               Lifetime    In Your        In Your                               In Your
Member:   2nd. Mo.      2nd. Yr:                               10th. Yr:                                  
                $5,000   --- $60  Mo. --- $60  + $19.00 = $79.00 Mo.- $231.00  + $19.00 = $250 Monthly!
                $6,000   --- $72    "   --- $72  + $22.80 = $94.80  "   - $277.20  + $22.80 = $300      "
                $7,000   --- $84    "   --- $84  + $26.60 = $110.60 "  - $323.40  + $26.60 = $350       "
                $8,000   --- $96    "   --- $96  + $30.40 = $126,40 "  - $369.60  + $30.40 = $400       "
                $9,000   --- $108  "   --- $108 + $34.20 = $253.20 "  - $415.80  + $34.20 = $450       "
                $10,000 --- $120  "   --- $120 + $38.00 = $168.00 "  - $462.00  + $38.00 = $500       "      

                  Monthly Dues: $1 Monthly! (Payable on 1st. of each membership month.)

             The above returns on your investments are ones that the majority of investors desire but
     will never ever receive from the most notorious "Fat Cats Of Wall" excepting through some
     form of insider tradings.  

            Therefore it would be to your advantage now to  join our unique lifetime memberships
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            There is no other company that will ever offer these great lifetime monthly returns such
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     certain that no other company ever will.

            With the kinds of monthly incomes you'll then be receiving, within just 2 to 3 years you
     will most likely be able to enjoy yearly vacations to Great Exotic Places such as the following
     Great Exotic Places:

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      early retirement payments in just 2 months!

                                                    Send payment with orders to:          
 Byron Pierre
                                                                     50-28   31st. Avenue
                                                                     Dept. 4D
                                                                     Woodside, New York 11377

                                            (You'll sleep much better tonight when you do).